Thursday, 7 March 2013

Tomb Raider 2013 SKIDROW graphics and savegames fix

Tomb Raider 2013 SKiDROW [savegames and graphics fix]



Tomb Raider 2013 got some major/minor graphic and savegame issues. So if you have problems with loading your games or experience some FPS drops, crashes, freezing (blackscreens) you may follow this guide .. I don't need anything from you I'm just a game nerd and like my fans so cheers!
By the way I also found fixes for DmC Devil May Cry 5 2013 and Far Cry 3 2013. 
Let's get it done
*install and fix guide (pretty easy)
1~ Unpack the game
  • [don't forget to download those files |, seems like a lot of you haven't read the whole instructions there's more and it's kinda important to make it longterm .. just sayin and goodluck]
2~ Mount or burn image (if it's unpacked without *.iso files then just follow next step)

3~ Install the game :-)

4~ Use these files to crack the game [fixing those gay graphics and savegame problems] and follow the next step
5~ Block the game in this firewall.So steam can't ban you - they can ban your account, they can disconnect you from the game, they can encrypt your savegame files so you can't save next time. So BLOCK them.
Tomb Raider 2013 SKIDROW blackscreen and other graphics issue fix

|TombRaider2013 Dlc gfx patch (+working achievements)

6~ to prevent losing savegames  >
you need to download this (or this) and follow the steps


Where are the savegames located at?
 Savegames are located here:
 My computer
-C drive
-App data

 How to fix Tomb Raider 2013 black screen glitch?
 You can use different options or use this pre-defined *.dll file which will take care of it.

How can I fix FPS issue in Tomb Raider 2013?
You can max out everything and disable tesselation and TressFX (which is bugged right now)
Predefined optimal options and also slightly increase FPS via FPSBalance.dll. Included here.

My game is crashing, freezing or I experience FPS droprate while using TressFX?
All these things have been fixed by Tomb Raider fans and can be found  here.

Is there any other game like this? What is your opinion on Far Cry 3 vs Tomb Raider 2013?
Yes there is actually Far Cry 3 which is awesome and If I'd compare these games I'd give both 8/10
Because both of them have very nice storyline and dynamic gameplay including some great innovations. All the savegame and graphics issues of 2012/13 I would recommend are here 

Help with mission :
On the Cutscene with the Russian just press ( F ) when highlighted , like on the first level , then when on the ground quickly tap several times ( E ) and finally press the first mouse button to shoot him .
(everything is free, no surveys, no SMS shit, only adfly :>)
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Have Fun Guys


  1. thanks for this mate I had to edit it a little bit but it's working now I'm actually at 65% it's fun

  2. this fix is working but are you going to fix upcoming games like Metro 2033 Last Light? Because I'm sure it will be bugged as hell lol

    1. sure if there will be any graphic/savegame problems

  3. The fix hasn't succeeded for me at all so far... I've torrented the game twice from both Skidrow and nosTEAM, and I've used the built in crack, running as admin, and this, and nothing seems to work. I have no graphics issues, but every time I close the game my saves are deleted. I've tried backing up the savegames and nothing seems to work. Any help is appreciated.

  4. Everything’s fine, just that when i start the game, save and quit, then i start the game again i have to play a new game, and my save game is lost. Any1?

  5. both of you block it in firewall!!

  6. Already did that, and download an EXE that someone suggested on or something and nothing either... Will try running as administrator to see...

  7. Hi guys im having a problem with Chasm Shrine area, as I walk in as the samurai guy flies off the bridge, i walked into the shrine area to do the puzzle the textures are see through? I haven't had any other problems thus far with the game.

  8. Finally... got it fixed... @Jensen Adam... I dont know if all this options together did the fix i doubt it... I updated to 1.0.718.4... Did the Run as Administrator... Blocked it from firewall... but what i really think did the work was this... Go to c:\Users\[yourusername]\AppData\Local\SKIDROW and make a backup of anything there... after that... delete all content and start the game... it will create the folder 203160 with correct structure. Hope it helps...

  9. I have tried all of the above, I still can't load my games after quitting the game.

    1. use files included and block it in firewall, if you didn't hear what I said BLOCK IT, BLOCK or disconnect from internet (everytime you play and even FIRST TIME is important)

  10. My game keeps crashing.. at the beginning (around 17% of the game)... when i'm in a battle right in front of a 2 floor small building with enemies with bow and flame arrows inside it.. it always crash somewhere around this battle

  11. I completed around 40% of the game, and it started to lag, so I closed it by right clicking on the program in the taskbar, and after that my saves were lost. I've tried all of the above but nothing works.
    Help anyone??

  12. I updated to 1.0.718.4... Did the Kizi Run as Administrator... Blocked it from firewall...

  13. i get the messege"skidrow - appld is not configured" and i cant find out waht to do or how to fix it.
    plz help

  14. Everything uploads right doesn't crash but the prob is that it's running pretty much sloww all the time! anyone know what's causing this? thanks. :)

  15. I have tried all of the above, I still can't load my games after quitting the game.

    same problem.. even the internet disconnected

  16. help!! my chasm shrine door wont open? pls gimme a patch.
    who can bare being stuck at 90%? :''(

  17. chasm shrine door is closed. help!!

  18. it tells me that the tomb raider servers are currently unavailable .. what can i do :(

  19. it tells me that the tomb raider servers are currently unavailable .. what can i do :(

  20. it tells me that the tomb raider servers are currently unavailable .. what can i do :(

  21. it tells me that the tomb raider servers are currently unavailable .. what can i do :(

  22. i need password to run the app....