Tuesday, 18 August 2015

6 Boosting Tips For your Graphics Performance Fix Windows 10

More stable, maximum performance and direct x 12. Yea this is another description of Windows 10 for gamers. How is the performance really? How best can you optimize your game right now? Do you really know all the "game hacks" for best FPS and smooth gameplay? Let me tell you.

  Game peformance boost #1: Upgrade to Windows 10 and wait for Direct X 12 Benefit from the new OS, frist thing is that there are currently no graphics problems with drivers, you can always set compatibility to lower windows version for any driver, so graphics is ok and in some games you get even more FPS because of Windows 10 optimization between graphics, CPU and memory. Wait for DirectX 12 that's where things will change with less CPU overhead, cross-GPU rendering and in the end much more complex scenes.

  1. How to best upgrade to Windows 10.
  2. How to kill Windows 10 Privacy Spying Fail
  3. Look at DirectX 12 results
  4. Best Antivirus/firewall for your gaming and windows 10

  Game peformance boost #2: BIOS and overclocking Be sure that you sometimes visit your BIOS, unlock your cores or simply little overclock your CPU to be stable but more stronger than stock settings, read some articles over the web. Same goes for graphics.

  Game peformance boost #3: High Performance from Windows Power Plans By default your OS might be in balanced or worse - power saving mode, these two options will never give you best gaming peformance so aim for the High performance and see how insane change it is, a big AHA moment for your gaming.
  Game peformance boost #4: Priorities in task manager Change-Process-Priority-in-Task-Manager-Windows-7
  Pick your game process, show process from all users and set priority to High (not Realtime - its too much). This will increase your FPS.

  Game peformance boost #5: Close other apps, seriously   Even though you have so many cores these days close other apps, seriously just close them all. Some crappy script or something might be in your browser lagged or rendering some site and your gaming would not be that great, same goes for other apps on the background.

  Game peformance boost #6: Gaming mode and other processes Best you can do also with your firewall/antivirus is to set it to game mode if it has - Comodo for me the best antivirus/firewall with which you can also Kill Microsoft's Privacy Spying, can be put to gaming mode. Other thing is to block or interrupt crappy processes in msconfig that you can run from Start/Run.      

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Windows 10 Fix Privacy Spying vs DirectX 12

Altough DirectX 12 will be a game changer in gaming, better using your older CPu in games with Windows 10, there are problems with Privacy spying via Microsoft servers. Yes Windows 10's privacy is here to track your shit down. But every body lies that you cant block it. Yes everybody says that dnsapi.dll in windows folder is hardcoded so it ignores your microsoft blocked shit in hosts file (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts). Well yes but you can have strict rules not allowing even a one fucking packet to go out. You just have to download at least Comodo. Edit some registry, delete some scheduled tasks, terminate some processes, remove metro apps, block everything and track your network TCP connections.
  • whenever you type its being sent to microsoft servers
  • whenever you do whatever you are monitored
  • etc you know the deal

How to fix Windows 10 privacy? Zero connections, being offline to MS.

First when installing windows or after that follow this guide to disable all the spoofing from Microsoft. Update your hosts file (its the minimum), good list is here. From windows taskbar run Powershell and type:
Set-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\DataCollection" -Name "AllowTelemetry" -Type DWord -Value 0
Disable keylogger from Windows in cmd with admin rights. sc stop DiagTrack sc stop dmwappushservice sc delete DiagTrack sc delete dmwappushservice echo "" > C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Diagnosis\ETLLogs\AutoLogger\AutoLogger-Diagtrack-Listener.etl Use this program from Major Geeks that will double-check you did all the previous steps and add some more. Follow this guide about microsoft diagnosis and tracking services and block them, find more on the web. Don't forget to delete automatic scheduled tasks (search for them on the web) start with this one. Disable data collection with this guide. Edit registry with regedit from windows. Remove one drive if you havent already with this guide. Remove all metro default apps from your OS with this guide Beware of the dns resolving in Windows and read this article. You should also look into msconfig (from taskbar) and block programs that you do not want on startup. Be sure to restrict your Internet Explorer and Edge browser to be completely not working and blocked in their settings just prohibit everything.

Watch your network activity

Now track your network activity use this app called Fiddler. This is how to use it. In settings allow https tracking and allow decrypting. This will show you all your connections, when idle, browsing the web, typing whatever wherever. If there is crap that is affiliated with MS servers that you do not know or do not want then simply set comodo's firewall rules to paranoid - it will ask for every new connection and you can block or allow (LEARN TO USE COMODO ITS THE BEST FIREWALL and antivirus) Here is screenshot of my empty firewall connections in comodo (just some safe connections) and fiddler also empty. clear Do not believe others that you cant block microsoft servers, loggers, monitoring etc. You can do that. And dont even believe that they are not spying, its not free for some reason. You can ask another question if you use Android, OS from advertising company. These things are watching you every second lol, nevermind, you can use linux if you like. Good luck.