Saturday, 28 September 2013

New games overview: Shadow Warrior, Rise of Venice, Legends of Aethereus, Marlow Briggs, PES 2014

Shadow Warrior-FLT

Remember that bad ass game from the 90ys? FLT brings the much awaited reboot for the beloved adventurous shooter hit “Shadow Warrior”. It is a completely new experience developed by Flying Wild Hog, the same studio behind the 2011′s flick “Hard Reset”. The game will also be released on both next-gen consoles. INSANE GORE!
Poster for Shadow WarriorGenre: First-Person Shooters
Release Date: Sep 26, 2013
Platform: Microsoft Windows | XONE | PS4
Gameplay Modes: Single-player | Multi-player
Developer: Flying Wild Hog
Ratings: MetaCritic: 10/10
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Rise of Venice-RELOADED

Saturday, 21 September 2013

GTA V Grand Theft Auto 5 PC leaked by NVIDIA? Official RELEASE Date

GTA V PC version is one big mystery. To be honest I don't give a shit I want that game to be released NOW! However I have found some spicy information that I would like to share with you guys. I guess YOU WANT TO PLAY THAT SHIT TOO RIGHT?
 Let's sort it out.

GTA V Budget investment and profit:
Grand Theft Auto 5 reaches $1 Billion from retail sales after 3 days

1Billion made on a 266Million investment. The ROI is ridiculous.

Cost 266 million to make. (including marketing)

A billion made back already. LOL
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 reached $1 billion in 15 days

The Avengers cost $220 million reached $1 billion in 19 days.

Unknown (non)release date:
  1. If GTA 5 will not come to PC we will not be able to run the GTA V Emulator anyway.
  2. Rockstar already said the game isn't coming out on PC.
  3. It will but not as same date as consoles, maybe later. nvidia accidentally confirmed it
  4. Nvidia confirms, then denies, only to claim its unauthorised announcement was made in error just days later.
  5. The Pc version will follow the next gen console release of the GTA5 because the one released now is visually toned down.. You know , the current gen consoles (for suppose the PS3) system & video both memory are only 256mb
  6. They will wait till they get enough profits from consoles...releasing for pc means it will be pirated soon after that...

What can we expect?:

insane graphics
destructible environment
being able to enter most buildings
multiple protagonists like thief, shady-ass cop or agent
new cities, fk re-making old cities what's that
more cars
again a corrupt cop
more heists
release GTA 5 today PC version (lol)
natural disasters
can go to the moon
military invasions
mayans, aztects, mediveal period
can travel in time
more graphics polygons srsly details everywhere¨
better police system
more dynamic AI and environments
gang territory
selling drugs
fix physics
more forms of transportation
more damage to buildings/surroundings srsly again!
no cutscenes
no pre-set characters
more violence (limbs come off, srsly it's just a game)

Another breaking news:
GTA 5's Leaked Xbox 360 Data Reveals PC, PS4 Build Code
Know more 
By now everyone should be well aware that Grand Theft Auto V has been leaked for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, right? Well you should also know that most crackers don't just dump and upload a game, they fiddle with the code, they play with the file structures and ultimately they open the game up to see what's inside. Do you guys want to know what they found inside?

When modding games on consoles it's sometimes fun to see how a game is structured. For a lot of newer games, though, the files are heavily encoded and unless you have the source files it's tough to mod console games or take a peek inside their inner workings. However, with a lot of patience and a little bit of torrenting, the sewage of the internet managed to cook up some interesting results... I'm talking about the folk over at 4Chan.

A cross-post on Reddit links to an alleged Pastebin file containing an XML of the config file for the Xbox 360 version of GTA. Just in case Rockstar has Take Two put their lackey lawyers on the link, here's an image of the XML. xml leaked PC code


Half Life 3 confirmed

What would you like to see in GTA V or IV?
Did you play GTA V XBOX version?
Are you going to buy this game?

GTA V Gameplay, stunts, free roam, random killing and shit:

Still waiting for:

Watch dogs

Assasins Creed 4 dem pirates

Haven't played PES 2014, FIFA 2014 sux?

Star Wars Battlefront 2015