Monday, 24 December 2012

Far Cry 3 save game bug fixed

Far Cry 3 Fix for Save game issue with no other option than new game [working update] 

Merry Xmas guys.!!

Far Cry 3 Update v1.04-RELOADED (it's totally useless)
(skip this introduction to °Fixing annoying save game)

Far Cry 3 problem here and Far Cry 3 problem up there. I give a fuk so about the save game problem, which is really annoying, so you can continue your game progress if you lost your save games/disappeared for no reason right? So let's get started.
Enough barking (lol jk)
°Fixing annoying save game)
 Install Far Cry 3 Reloaded version or any version you want, install it anywhere you want
|read comments if nothing helped someone may got the same problem|
  • [don't forget to download those files, seems like a lot of you haven't read the whole instructions there's more and it's kinda important to make it longterm .. just sayin and goodluck] 
 now patching the game?

 do not patch just use the files included to overwrite old ones

 to prevent Ubisoft from banhammers you need to block all the checking files like far cry3.exefarcry3_d311.exe, fc3updater.exe you can block them with some firewall (this firewall)
 now run the game as administrator (in \Orbit\46\ add FULL privilegies including ALL and UNTICK read only)

 now when in the menu you should connect just fine without any "connection failed" message. Because game thinks everything is legit.
 now you may complete the first mission to see if the game is saved and you can load your game. Now if you don't want to lose your game again continue to the next step.
btw if you want/can't find save games - defeating monster at citra and entering second island. (working DLC The Lost Expedition)

FarCry3 ALL savegames (38 missions)
 to prevent losing savegames  >
you need to download this
and follow the steps

additionally Far Cry 3 freez/crash bug fix (some people got it work)
|Mirror Alternative Download |For those who scream it's fake and can't even download a file|

(everything is free, no surveys, no SMS shit, only adfly :>)

Have Fun Guys


  1. thanks man ....thank u very much ...i lost my save file at mission i m very happy to get the files thnx again........

  2. hey what is in the readme file? i can't open it. my notepad become not responding as i opened it.

    1. just read the readme txt :)

    2. how am i supposed to read if i cannot open the readme.txt file?? please help me..? i had download it again and again still get the same result. please i beg u kindness

    3. and what about read me HOW TO.txt? that's the most supported format that worked for all of you

  3. Hey man I was way out of line with my last comment, I had just about beaten the game and my save game state disappeared, so you can imagine the state of mind I was in ;-). Turns out my games ability to load or continue had just broken, I uninstalled (Without removing game data) and reinstalled and it worked just fine, thanks for the informative page.

  4. Replies
    1. I Would like to know too!

    2. C:\ProgramData\Orbit\46 <--- for Orbit
      C:\Users\Blur\Documents\My Games\Far Cry 3 <--- For the savegames
      C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\data\46 <--- for 46/48

  5. hey man, i know this kinda late but about the firewall, what should i do with it? i mean, download it and install it. then what? how to block the things?

    1. it is never too late man
      1)download that firewall
      3)add every exe file in blocked files just inspect the whole program and you will see

      the point is to be totally offline to ubisoft

  6. Hello everyone,

    I don't know if anyone else is having the same problem, but when I use the weapon locker to sell items/modify weapons or when I take over a camp/stronghold the saving icon (pistols) in the top right corner starts flashing in the process of saving, but the saving progress won't complete and the icon won't disappear. As a result I can't "fast travel" or save manually. I exited to the main menu but to my surprise the icon for saving still appears until I completly exit the game. Any suggestions?

  7. I did everything you said and it worked. I played one hour, then I exited, and when I started the game again, it loaded. But then I turned off my PC, and when I started it and played the game, the saves dissapeared. Please help me!

  8. How do i do number 5? i've found the orbit and what do i do now? how do i do the FULL" privilegies including ALL and UNTICK read only"

  9. What is the password for Nu Sav.rar?