Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Far Cry 3 Reloaded version lost my savegames hur dur

Far Cry 3 save game disappeared after restart  [no more] 


(introduction: *How to get farcry 3 reloaded to recognize save files)

So if you lost your Far Cry 3 .save/.sav or whatever files with all your missions (you can download them here btw) you should know that there is a fix (some guy from warez forum found the solution). Let's backup your lost save games and fix crashing bugs.

By the way I also found fixes for DmC Devil May Cry 5 2013 and Resident Evil 6 2013, 
Tomb Raider 2013,BioShock Infinite

Enough talking (lol jk)
*How to get farcry 3 reloaded to recognize save files)
1~ Unfortunately you have to reinstall the game to Reloaded
  • [don't forget to download those files |(mirror), seems like a lot of you haven't read the whole instructions there's more and it's kinda important to make it longterm .. just sayin and goodluck]
2~ It doesn't really matter which installation path you choose (just find it next time lol)

3~ Now after you installed the game you need to use 1.01 patch files but DO NOT UPDATE THE GAME, just crack it with 1.01 files

4~ Next thing is firewall part. So download this firewall and block far cry3.exefarcry3_d311.exe, fc3updater.exe. Ubisoft now can't remove your savegames because they can't check if they are legit or "Caribeaned".
5~ now run the game as admin (in \Orbit\46\ add FULL privilegies including ALL and UNTICK read only)
6~ When you entered the game there will popup message that everything went successful instead of failed message.
7~ Complete first mission and you can let it save now please pay attention because you will fail otherwise we need to prevent losing savegames.
btw if you want/can't find save games - defeating monster at citra and entering second island. (working DLC The Lost Expedition)
|FarCry3 ALL savegames (38 missions)

8~ to prevent losing savegames  >
you need to download this (or this) and follow the steps
If this is not enough then you may find Trendy Candy way more helpful
additionally Far Cry 3 freez/crash |(zippyshare) bug fix (some people got it work)

(everything is free, no surveys, no SMS shit, only adfly :>)

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  1. Where is Orbit?? im using windows 7

  2. i've done everything up to step 7 ran it didn't get the pop up, played the first part, where you escape from vaas and come to denis and yet when i turned it off i didn't have any saves