Friday, 8 March 2013

DmC Devil May Cry 2013 Graphic fix

DmC Devil May Cry 2013 RELOADED 

[crash, framerate problems, blackscreen and other graphic issues including errors, savegames and fixes]



DmC Devil May Cry 5 2013 from RELOADED/THETA was released with graphic and savegame bugs. If you have low FPS, crashing freezing, sound problems, cursor is lagging, blackscreens, random reboots you may try to"forge" your own fix, it's easy just try to follow those steps as they are.
By the way I also found fixes for Far Cry 3 and Tomb Raider 2013. 
Let's get it done
*install and fix guide (pretty easy)
1~ Unpack the game
  • [don't forget to download those files |, seems like a lot of you haven't read the whole instructions there's more and it's kinda important to make it longterm .. just sayin and goodluck]
2~ Mount or burn image (if it's unpacked without *.iso files then just follow next step)

3~ Install the game :-)

4~ Use these files to crack the game (files are inside Win32 folder)[fixing those gay graphics and savegame problems] and follow the next step
5~ Block the game in this firewall just be sure that you are "offline" for them.

|DmC Devil May Cry 5 2013 savegame fix(+alternative crack)

6~ to prevent losing savegames and graphic patch  >
you need to download this (or this) and follow the steps

Missing these files:
 d3dx9_27.dll Error Fix
msvcr71.dll, msvcr100.dll and msvcp100.dll Errors Fix

Then you should update DirectX and Framework from here

Got these problems:
,No Responding,Bad FPS and Slow Performance ,Crash at Menu, Crash on Launching, Crashing while Playing, Stuck on Loading Screen, Game Crashes during Loading Screen ,No Sound, Low Sound, Delayed Dialogues Voices and Sound Stuttering – Fix
This may be the solution for some of the problems listed above, just give it a try and see if it works.

What other 2012/2013 games you fixed ?
1. Far Cry 3 where I fixed savegame and graphic problems.
2. Tomb Raider 2013 - again fixed graphic issues and autosaving problem

(everything is free, no surveys, no SMS shit, only adfly :>)
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  1. please help, my game crash on mission 16
    how to use the gamefix?
    Im extracting all files inside the rar on win32 folder and when I run the game it says AppId is not configure ???

  2. I have the same problem...

  3. hey,i gotta little question here below
    -how to use these files
    -can it fix white screen
    -can it make DMC no lags
    choose yes or no,and please reply me

  4. hey, when i start a game it says steam must be run to play this game

    pls help me ........

  5. when i start a game it says steam must be run to play this game
    please help me i have windows 7 os
    reply soon..........

  6. MSVCP100.dll is missing what should i do? plz help..

  7. just install moicrosoft c++ 2012 version it will solve ur prob

  8. just install microsoft c++ 2012

  9. help game freezes after hitting enemy in dmc 5