Thursday, 20 December 2012

Far Cry 3 PC save games - how to load and continue game

Far Cry 3 Save Games (and Fix) 

Ok guys so you can't load save games, continue game, you lost your save games. Ok so this is a free guide I don't need anything fuk all these scammers. Don't wait for any crack, for any patch for any other guide I've tried all (even hex editing some values like that no HUD tweak) so let's get started

get reloaded version of far cry 3

|read comments if nothing helped someone may got the same problem|
  • [don't forge to download those files, seems like a lot of you haven't read the whole instructions there's more and it's kinda important to make it longterm .. just sayin and goodluck]

install wherever you want

now DON'T PATCH THIS GAME just copy/crack all files and overwrite those files in your installed game

now BLOCK farcry3.exe, farcry3_d311.exe, fc3updater.exe with some 3rd party firewall - this firewall (you can also BLOCK pnkbuster - punkbuster)

now when you run the game (make sure you run every file as admin)

the game might not say "connection failed" it will just log in/accept that you are offline WHATEVER but ubisoft has not got any chance to BAN you or reroute your savegames (because if you buy game your save game file will be .save if you "piraet pls" then your save game will be .sav)

now check if you can save game by completing first mission (when you run forest quit game) and go to next step because you can loose your savegames in future
Here are save games - defeating citra and entering second island. (working DLC The Lost Expedition)
FarCry3 ALL savegames (38 missions)
7 a if you HAD have savegames and can't continue do this >

7 b you need to download this and follow the steps
Additionally go to properties of orbit folder and TICK OFF read only, and add FULL privilegies.
download Fix FarCry3 (freezing/crashing)
|Mirror Alternative Download |For those who scream it's fake and can't even download a file|
(it's free I'm not fking scammer with pay per SEND SMS and shit, I've just put adfly to get some kudos)


  1. I have foolowed the steps you gave but my save games still can't be loaded, although if I check in c\program data\orbit there lies my saved files... please help. thanks.

    1. you sure you followed the whole steps in files I provided? because it's supposed to work srsly try reinstall

  2. i have another way
    1. open orbit_api with notepad
    2. change gameid value to 48
    3. go to c):\ProgamData\Orbit
    4. change folder 46 to 48
    5. that's all enjoy the game :D

    sorry for my bad english :D

  3. i have another way
    1. open your orbit_api with notepad
    2. change gameid value to 48
    3. go to c):/ProgamData/Orbit
    4. change the 46 folder to 48
    5. that's all enjoy the game:D

    sorry for my bad english

  4. Could you please send the file to my mail? Thanks a lot.

  5. My problem is I have patched the game to 1.04 because I missed one of the relics that can only be grabbed under that doctor guys house now I cannot load my save games again defeating the purpose of updating. Do you have any advice for this issue? I have tried changing my folder to name 48 instead of 46 and editing to orbit_api file with notepad but that did not work.

    1. just backup your savegames and reinstall to 1.0, follow the steps, don't give a shit about relics what is more: playing game vs relics and unable to play? I'd choose the play game part ..

  6. please sent the file whit save game to my Email:

  7. please send me the all the file please i cannot download

  8. i cant find orbit file anywhere. Can you help me?

  9. I have no orbut file help me

    C Drive(Windows install drive)Folder options; Click 'SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS' then below Program filesx86 you'll find a see through(normally hidden folder) called "PROGRAM DATA" here you will find your ORBIT folder ;)

    In your FAR CRY 3 install destination folder- go into the 'BIN' folder, then scroll down to the bottom, 6th file from the bottom should be called "ORBIT_API.ini" right click and choose EDIT or open with WORD PAD, BUT!!!! Remember to make sure you UN-SELECT READ ONLY prior to doing this! VERY IMPORTANT

    Hope this helps :)

  11. Help! I downloaded the "farcry3savegameFIxTocontineugame" but can't open the "dontneedthis" file 15.1mb in size. How do I open it?